Mer än bussförare

disney_transportNär passagerarna kliver på en av skyttelbussarna som går mellan hotell och nöjesparker på Disney World frågar chauffören om allt är bra och önskar alla en trevlig dag.

En av passagerarna går fram till föraren när bussen väl startat och förklarar att allt egentligen är bra, men att han i morgonens hast glömde meddela receptionen på hotellet att han har en läckande kran på toaletten.

– Vilket rum bor ni på, frågar chauffören? Som sedan direkt via radio meddelar hotellet om den läckande kranen.

Den här historien berättar Kim Goodwin, författare till boken “Designing for the Digital Age”, på en UX-konferens i Hong Kong.

Hos Disney är inte personalen anställd för att bara göra ett jobb, de är alla representanter för Disney och där för att göra kunderna nöjda. Att köra skyttelbussen var ett av hans medel för att nå detta mål. Om han dessutom kunde hjälpa till på ett annat sätt så gjorde han självklart det.

30 years as an entrepreneur

This month it is 30 years since I registered my very first company. I may have been running company like ventures prior to this but this was the first officially registered company.

Its name was MVV, Monday Video Vision, and I was to produce commercial video ads and music videos. The reason for this rather odd name was simple, I had found a really cool sound jingle that called out “Monday”.

In those days equipment for video recording and editing was very expensive and I was lucky to have parents that supported me with the (barely) portable cameras and analogue mixing tables.

How the business went? Not too bad actually. With the innocence and energy of youth I did lots of recordings of stage performances for the upcoming group Plaza, click the album cover for their hit Playgirl. And I also made some ads that was displayed in shop windows.

After some years the business started importing and selling software for the Sinclair ZX81 and eventually changed name to Software DMI but that is another story.

Signopia – sign what you email

Signopia is not a company of its own but rather a spare time project conjured up by myself and Olof Robertsson. We saw an opportunity in signing agreements using social media accounts.

It’s the easy way to sign documents, agreement, minutes or just anything you can email. Signopia is simple to use as it does not require any new software to be installed. You just use email and your login with Facebook, Twitter, Google or LinkedIn.


Start-ups or projects

As one goes through life, in my case mostly business, one come across so many issues and obstacles that one could/should do something about.

For the the past year and a half I have begun working on at least the following four start-up ideas or let us just call them projects – that take off the edge of actually having to turn’em into businesses 😉

So why share them with the world? Someone may just nick the idea and launch themselves. Yes, possible but not likely. I’d rather see the possibility of feedback and cooperation. So, please give me a shout if you have some feedback (intelligent or not) or just want in on any of the projects. I’d rather see them completed with a partner than not at all.
Here we go:

– Your true online identity
The idea is to truly verify a user’s identity before giving her/him an account. This way sites like Ebay or Blocket (in Sweden) can guarantee that the user really is who she claims to be – a more trusted relationship. Technology based on the open-id standard making it simple for website owners to implement. Site is only in Swedish at the mo. Site never publicly mentioned before.

– Making recruitment easy
As the owner of a small business recruiting can be one hell of a task. You are flooded by applications, most irrelevant or missing relevant and requested information. But still, you have to wade through the flood sorting, picking and do the selections. Jobbado is a solution to help you with that. Define an application form online and manage the whole selection and contact process. Solution initially targeted to the Swedish market as I intended to use it for a recruitment earlier this year. Never publicly mentioned before.
– A new way for debates
Debate what you’re passionate about. Challenge an opponent or just let anyone in. The debate is serious but in a playful duel format, giving each duellist less and less space to respond. Votes are cast by the audience. Alpha lunched in June.
– PR contacts sourced and maintained by the crowd
You know you have to send a press release at times. Do you maintain your own PR-list? Get one from an agency, or? This is PR-lists for the Wiki-generation. Share and contribute to create and maintain the most reliable PR-list ever. Alpha launched in July.

So, please comment and/or give me a shout in some other way.

Yabot, News for your website

The Yabot news aggregation service started as a “fun project” as we needed a free search tool for online news from Sweden. This was back in 2005 and there were very few credible news sources available as RSS feeds…

Yabot eventually became its own company and is today run from London.
The name Yabot is actually the word “today” mirrored. I saw it as I was having coffee at Pret á Manger on Oxford Street way back in 1999, waiting on my way to a meeting with my solicitor, and read their sign from the inside…